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This unreleased song from Billie Eilish’s new album is a queer anthem in the making

We’re just weeks away from Billie Eilish’s new album Hit Me Hard and Soft, and another song from the tracklist is going viral with her sapphic fans.

The song is “Chihiro,” a reference to the character of the same name from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (a film many fans also think has queer themes). Eilish previewed a snippet of the song in an Apple Music interview, a sped-up version of which then went viral on TikTok.

In the snippet, Eilish sings, “Open up the door / Can you open up the door? / I know you said before / You can’t cope with any more.”

Fans are taking “the door” in question to be the door to the closet, and using the lyrics as a chance to encourage their younger selves to come out. Sapphic folks using the sound are connecting it to moments from their youth that, in retrospect, were totally gay.

More than 50,000 videos on TikTok are set to the snippet. Sapphic fans are posting the audio with quotes from their younger selves, including:

  • “I wish I was born a boy, because they get to date pretty girls.”
  • “If she was a boy I would totally have a crush on her.”
  • “I just think she is really cool and I wanna be friends with her so badly.”
  • “I’d be such a good boyfriend if I were a boy.”
  • “I’d kiss a girl but I don’t think I’d ever date one.”


♬ original sound – ᴮᴵᴸᴸᴵᴱ

“Chihiro” is the second song with queer themes Eilish has previewed from the new album. Her song “Lunch” shows a racier side of Eilish’s identity, as she sings about wanting to “eat that girl for lunch.”

“Now she’s coming up the stairs / So I’m pulling up a chair / And I’m putting up my hair,” she continues in a verse — and given Eilish’s recent quote that she realized she wanted her “face in a vagina,” it’s no mystery what she means.

How much more of the album will dive into Eilish’s queer identity? We’ll find out when Hit Me Hard and Soft releases on May 17.

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