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Ariana Grande fans think her new single is coming for the haters

AG7 is around the corner and pop star Ariana Grande just dropped another hint about this new music era.

Ariana has been low-key for a while now, but a new year means a new era for her and the wait for her upcoming music is almost over. On Thursday, Ariana dropped the latest teaser for her new song “yes, and” sending fans into detective mode.

The teaser shows a collection of critics convening after receiving a red card with “AG7” written on it and the coordinates 41.0359° N – 71.9545° W (which lead to Montauk, NY). The back of the card reads “Your presence has been exclusively requested.”

While the coordinates seem to pay reference to the filming location of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Jim Carrey (a fave of Ariana), which may point to what AG7 might also reference. Whereas, the critics are connected to the gossip that continues to circulate around the “Thank U, Next” singer.

One critic scoffs at the red card saying “Yeah, real exclusive. Typical Ari” and another chimes in about missing the days when Ariana’s ponytail “was a few centimeters higher.” Another critic cared less about Ariana being happy stating that they “don’t want happy” they want “Ari.”

Of course, her pursuits with acting and the beauty industry weren’t off limits either. One critic said they miss “the singer,” followed by another complaining that Ariana is starting “an artisanal hummus line next.”

The video ends with a black screen and Ariana’s name on top of the words “yes, and,” followed by the song’s release date and time. Arianators are ready for what they believe to be a public dragging of critics in Ariana’s new era.

All will be revealed when Ariana’s new single “yes, and” premieres on January 12 at 7AM PST / 10am ET.

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