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Ariana Grande’s new album will feature one of her fandom’s faves

Ariana Grande is no stranger to a star-studded collaboration. She’s worked with Mariah Carey, The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat, to name just a few — but her upcoming album Eternal Sunshine features a singer that her fans have been obsessed with for Ariana’s whole career.

The newly revealed full tracklist for Eternal Sunshine includes a song called “Ordinary Things,” and it features none other than Nonna, Grande’s grandmother.

Still kicking at age 98, Nonna has always been her granddaughter’s biggest supporter. She’s the one who encouraged a 6-year-old Grande to audition for a local production of Annie: Grande got the leading role, and a star was born. Now, Grande is paying back the favor by giving Nonna the only feature on the album, and we can’t wait to hear if those vocals are genetic.

The announcement of Nonna’s feature also comes with details about the rest of Eternal Sunshine. Grande teased five new lyrics from the album: “I’ll hold your hurt in a box here beside me,” “If the sun refused to shine baby would I still be your lover,” “Now I just can’t go where you don’t go,” “How could we know we’d make the bad stuff delightful?”, and “Deep breaths / Tight chest / Life, death / Rewind.” 

Grande also revealed the rest of the album’s tracklist, including previously unannounced tracks (known only by a series of beeps until now) “Saturn Returns Interlude,” “The Boy Is Mine,” and “Imperfect For You.”

Those titles officially confirm that “Fantasize,” Grande’s leaked song that went viral late last year, will not be on the album — a fact Grande addressed in a new in-depth interview with Zach Sang.

“I’ll see you in jail, literally,” Grande said of people on the internet who had leaked and spread her studio sessions of the track. “Thieves! Pirates! Crooks! Illegal! I’ll pay you more to get it back!”

Grande also revealed that “Fantasize” was never meant to be her own song. She actually wrote it for a TV show as “a parody of a ‘90s girl group vibe,” she said — and she can’t believe that fans became so obsessed with it. 

“They loved it so much, and I was like, A, all of you are absolutely hypocrites, and B, that’s crazy! It’s so corny!” Grande said. “But that’s okay. I took the note, and I kind of gave them Ariana’s version of that on the album. I would say that exists.”


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Which of the 13 songs on Eternal Sunshine will give fans the “Fantasize” fantasy they’re craving? We’ll find out when the album drops on March 8.

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