Beyoncé Declares Washington, D.C. The Winner of Her ‘Renaissance’ Contest

Beyoncé looked around the room and “eerbody was on mute” during her Washington, D.C. show on Sunday.

On Sunday night, inclement weather didn’t stop fans from showing up in Washington D.C.’s FedExField venue at Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert. While Queen Bey made sure everyone had safe transportation to leave the show, she also expected D.C.’s BeyHive to follow directions. 

For those that snagged a coveted Renaissance tour ticket and have seen Beyoncé live already or for those who’ve come across the video footage online, they know that Beyoncé wants her fans on mute during a certain song. When she performs the Afrobeats-tinged “Energy”, there’s a line where she sings “Big wave in the room, the crowd gon’ move / Look around everybody on mute”. 

Beyoncé expects the crowd to actually be on mute and whatever Beyoncé says, goes. But everyone didn’t understand the assignment. Different videos have shown Beyoncé giving fans a call-to-action and not living up to BeyHive expectations. 

But D.C. apparently had more time to get their act together and ensured that when Queen Bey dropped that line, they zipped their lips. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the footage below. 

D.C. did not disappoint and Beyoncé’s face, as well as the face of the sexy bodyguard in the video, was definitely a sign of approval. The crowd moved Beyoncé and D.C.’s BeyHive earned bragging rights and the title of “Eerbody on Mute War Winner”.

That’s how to measure up to Beyoncé’s expectations.

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