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Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour Is Her Queerest Tour Ever

The Renaissance World Tour has officially begun, and Beyoncé will release the wiggle across the globe in her queerest tour yet.

On Wednesday, the “Alien Superstar” singer jump started her world tour in Stockholm, Sweden, setting social media ablaze. While many fans will be ready to use their Renaissance World Tour tickets for upcoming tour dates, many attendees from the Stockholm concert took to social media to share details about the tour. Even Beyoncé herself posted about the experience on Instagram.

Beyoncé’s album Renaissance pays homage to the LGBTQ+ community through its use of house and disco music and its incorporation of queer pop culture icons, like Ts Madison and Big Freedia, it’s safe to assume that queerness would play a central role in Beyoncé’s tour. And with all of the social media buzz from Queen Bey’s tour, the assumption is proven right as she included so many queer elements to the Renaissance World Tour. Here are just a few of the things we caught online. 

Progress Pride Flag 

First and foremost, get into this use of the Progress Pride flag for Yoncé’s stage background. Our guess is that this will be used in her “Cozy”, where she slyly lists the different colors within the flag created by Daniel Quasar

Gender Neutral Bathrooms at the Concert Venue

Beyoncé basically said, “LGBTQ+ rights” when she reportedly made all of the bathrooms gender neutral. 

Robotic Arms

When it comes to a Beyoncé show, there aren’t many props. But this time around she’s employed more than just a band and dancers. She has a pair of robotic arms gracing the stage with her. And while technology isn’t inherently queer, how she uses them to pose, serve face, and even help to change the color of her attire with UV light, well, that’s pretty queer. 

KNTY News Anchor Bey

Who knew that we needed news anchor Bey who slays by day and serves charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent by night. 

A Britney Spears “Toxic” Mashup

Yoncé loves to mashup her songs with hits from other talented divas. Her mashup of her song “Sweet Dreams” with that of Eurythmics’ song of the same name is stellar. Now, she’s sampling pop icon Britney Spears’ chart-topping song “Toxic” in her performance of “THIQUE”. 

Group Twerk Moment 

We love a good twerk moment and what better way to “release the wiggle”, as Big Freedia says in “Break My Soul”, than for Beyoncé and crew to twerk as a means to introduce said song. 

Celebrating Ballroom Culture 

Beyoncé gave flowers to different ballroom houses in the remix to “Break My Soul”. For her tour, she enlisted the services of ballroom performers Honey Balenciaga (House of Balenciaga) and Carlos Basquiat (House of Basquiat). Both were contestants on MAX’s Legendary. Not to mention, Beyoncé essentially threw a ball onstage with her dancers. 

Fans in “Heated”

The Hive has been waiting to crack their fans at a live performance of “Heated” for a long time. Those who went to the Stockholm concert finally got to do so when she performed the ballroom inspired song. 

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is a win for queer people, whether you have tickets to it or not. 

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