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The Lyrics in Beyoncé’s ‘Cozy’ Describe the Progress Pride Flag and the Internet Is Shook

So, how many times did you listen to Beyoncé’s Renaissance this past weekend? We lost count. Queen Bey’s latest album was released on Friday and we have never seen an album take over conversations online the way that it did this weekend – well, besides Beyoncé’s Lemonade. The album laid down the roots of its cultural impact and has become one of the most talked about albums of 2022. 

As everyone keeps talking about it, more fun facts keep popping up about Renaissance. One in particular came from the Beyoncé fan account @BlackIsKing on Twitter.

The account pointed out that Beyoncé highlights the colors of the pride flag in the lyrics of “Cozy” off of the new album. But not just any pride flag, but rather the progress pride flag created by queer nonbinary artist and graphic designer Daniel Quasar. Check out the lyrics below. 

Black like love too deep

Dance to the soles of my feet

Green eyes envy me

Paint the world pussy pink

Blue like the soul I crowned

Purple drank and couture gowns

Gold fangs a shade God made

Blue, black, white, and brown

Paint the town red like cinnamon

Yellow diamonds, limoncello glisterin’

Rainbow gelato in the streets

Renaissance, yachtin’ in Capri

Now listen to the lyrics and get into Beyoncé’s allyship. 

Her mind!

The pride flag was recreated by Quasar in 2017 and 2018 to included the brown and black stripes and trans flag stripes to emphasize the Black, Brown, and trans communities within the LGBTQ community. And in “Cozy”, as well throughout Renaissance, Beyoncé is placing LGBTQ folks front and center. 

The album took much of its direction from house music. The dance inducing genre gets its origins from Black and Latinx queer nightlife, with sounds resonating in Chicago, Illinois and echoing out in New York City. DJs like Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, and Larry Levan pioneered a musical sound that pieced together elements of disco, R&B, and synthesized pop into what we know now as house music.

DJs like Chicago-born Honey Dijon, who helped produce “Cozy”, carry the genre forward and push the boundaries of the sound that was created in spaces for Black and Latinx queer and trans folks to find freedom within music. With Renaissance, Beyoncé pays homage to Black LGBTQ culture, while making it a bridge to new generations of Black queer and trans folk. Not to mention, Black queer and trans people, like Big Freedia, Ts Madison, Honey Dijon, and Moi Renee, are featured on the album in some way.

Renaissance is a non-stop celebration of self, life, love, and community and many LGBTQ folks can get behind that. 

We love to see it.

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