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This Pic of Blackpink’s Jisoo and Charlize Theron Is a Sapphic Dream Come True

The internet wants Blackpink’s Jisoo and Charlize Theron in a relationship and we ship it too.

Blackpink is on their Born Pink world tour making sure that Blackpink is in your area. But constant touring calls for a break and sometimes hang outs with friends, fam, and fans. Jisoo, ¼ of the immensely popular K-Pop group, took hers with Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and fans are in love with who she spent time with. 

On Wednesday, Jisoo posted a photo with Theron on her Instagram stories. But not just any picture. Jisoo is making sure the photo angle is just right, while Theron embraces her from behind. 

Did this send the gays into a frenzy? Well, of course and for good reason. Both of these immensely talented women have an army of queer fans at their disposal. 

“Blinks,” as Blackpink fans are called, are diehard supporters of Jisoo and her bandmates Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé, including queer Blinks. Maybe it’s the vocals, the fashion, the dance moves, or all of the above, but gays can’t help, but stan a girl group. 

As for Theron, she’s been the queer awakening for many sapphics since her acting career started in the ‘90s. Also, she’s played queer characters on-screen, smooching (and more) with Rebel Moon star Sofia Boutella in 2017’s Atomic Blonde and with Christina Ricci in 2003’s Monster, the film that gave her the Oscar-winning role of Aileen Wuornos. Additionally, while she identifies as straight, she’s not narrow, as she’s done her fair share of women-loving-women exploring and is busy being a loving mom to her transgender daughter. 

So, how can queer folks not love these two?

Sadly, neither of these ladies are confirmed to be on the rainbow team, with Jisoo being linked to South Korean actor Ahn Bo Hyun and Theron dating model Alex Dimitrijevic. Still, it didn’t stop the internet from creating their own sapphic dreams, especially when Theron declared that she was determined to “protect” Jisoo. 

BRB we’re currently drafting Jisoo and Charlize fanfiction.

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