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Britney Spears and Want You to ‘Mind Your Business’

You’re now rocking with and Britney, b*tch, as the duo return with a new single. 

After teasing the masses on social media, pop icon Britney Spears and super producer and Black Eyed Peas member released their latest collaboration “Mind Your Business”. The energetic dance song about paparazzi’s obsession with celebrities is the fourth time the two have teamed up together. “Mind Your Business” follows previous collaborations, such as “Big Fat Bass”, “It Should Be Easy”, and 2012’s “Scream & Shout”, which became their most popular and successful collaboration. Now Spears and are bringing the 2010s magic into 2023 with their new song. 

The song starts off with an auto-tuned Spears telling listeners to “mind your business, b*tch”, a subtle reference to her opening line “it’s Britney, b*tch” in 2007’s “Gimme More”. The electronic sound of the song is reminiscent of “Scream & Shout”, easily falling into similar, previous dance-pop sounds from both artists. Soon after Spears’ opening chorus, and Spears take turns abhorring the paparazzi in their verses, until the song finishes with Spears and a choir telling everyone to “mind your business”. 

“When you’re in the spotlight, a lot of times you just want to live your life. There are lyrics in the song that point to that,” said in an interview with CBS Mornings. “There is a thin line, and everyone deserves their version of privacy.”

Being celebrities, both artists are surely familiar with the invasion of privacy that paparazzi and social media have brought into their lives, but most can confidently say that Spears has endured the most lack of privacy. Since launching her career with “…Baby, One More Time” in 1998, Spears’ existence has been obsessed over by fans and tabloids alike. She’s already made a song about this topic, with 2007’s “Piece of Me”, but, and Spears knows this well, people can’t get enough of being in her business. So, she’s back to remind folks to mind theirs. 

Unfortunately, that’s been pretty difficult with Spears’ highly publicized legal battles, in which she finally won her way out of her conservatorship in 2021. Also, she married longtime partner Sam Asghari a year later, keeping her under the tabloids thumb. Additionally, she’s doing a tell-all with her upcoming memoir The Woman in Me, which will cover all that she endured during her rise to fame, her music is being featured in a Broadway show, and then there’s that recent debacle with NBA’s Victor Wembanyama’s security guard. All while she’s been releasing music on her own terms, including her duet “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John, now that she’s finally out of her conservatorship. 

So, keeping a low profile is difficult for the popstar, but telling people where to go and how to get there in a catchy pop song is easy. Check out the new track below.

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