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Cardi B Joins the List of Artists Dodging Items Thrown Onstage, but She Fights Back

Cardi B is the latest artist to have an object thrown her way while performing onstage, but one thing about the “Bodak Yellow” singer is that she always gets her lick back. 

On Saturday, the 30-year-old Grammy winner had a drink hurled at her as she performed an outdoor set at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. Videos have circulated around social media where an attendee throws their drink at an appalled Cardi B, prompting the rapper to stop performing on the mic and start throwing it instead. Immediately, the Bronx-born entertainer’s security team swarms the front row looking for the liquid-throwing assailant. Cardi B also shared one of the videos that captured the incident from the X handle @updatesofcardi that posted the clip with the caption “Jealous A** B****!” – a reference to her new song “Jealousy” with her husband and former Migos rapper Offset.

Unfortunately, Cardi joins the running list of celebrities who have to now duck and dodge fans’ attempts to hit them with items onstage like they’re in a game of dodgeball. In the past, concertgoers would throw their underwear onstage at artists like Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, and Frank Sinatra as almost like a kinky dare or to share their infatuation with their favorite artist. Now, it seems that instead of infatuation, there’s disdain, as attendees throw everything from phones, water bottles, and even fists at artists during their performances. These entertainers are essentially a part of their concertgoers’ target practice. 

Since last year, this phenomenon has picked up steam with artists going from annoyed to injured at their events. Most recently Ava Max and Bebe Rexha were attacked on stage, with the former being hit in the head and the latter receiving a phone to the face. Additionally, country star Kelsea Ballerini was struck in the eye with a bracelet. Last year, Lady Gaga had a stuffed doll thrown at her, Steve Lacy smashed a phone that was thrown at him during his tour, and Harry Styles took a blow to the crotch during a performance. 

And while some artists, like Ballerini and acrobatic popstar Pink, will speak to fans about throwing things onstage, Cardi B takes things into her own hands. Or rather, she makes sure that they leave them. 

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