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Cardi B Shuts Down Biphobic Post With a Viral Tweet of Her Own

Cardi B is tired of everyone questioning her sexuality. In tweet sent out by @Thelightiscumin, the Grammy Award-winning rapper, as well as Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish, were called out for being bisexual, but never dating someone of the same gender.

Obviously there are a few things wrong with this tweet, especially when two of the four on this list don’t identity as bisexual and have been crystal clear on not disclosing their sexuality. Now, as for Belcalis Almánzar a.k.a Cardi B, she wasn’t having this type of biphobic slander on her name. 

Well, she said what she said. She also mentioned in a separate tweet that she had a girlfriend when she was in high school. 

For the South Bronx rapper, this isn’t the first time (and unfortunately probably won’t be the last) she had to defend her sexuality. The rapper was featured on Rita Ora’s song “Girls” and, problematic aspects of the song aside, she used this as an opportunity to come out as bisexual, while defending her intentions behind the song. 

Additionally, when the “WAP” rapper was featured on R&B pop star Normani’s song and in the accompanying video for “Wild Side”, accusations of queerbaiting came out. Specifically, a Rolling Stone article mentioned the duo’s collaboration and how Normani was criticized for queerbaiting online. To which, Cardi B responded online.

So, it’s safe to say that Cardi B is tired of defending her sexuality when she’s been open about her bisexuality from the start. But she’s also been open about her journey understanding queerness. She’s said many *checks notes* problematic things in the past and watching her public profile only increase has magnified those comments, of which she apologized for.

Still, Cardi B is a card carrying member of the LGBTQ community (as is her sister Hennessy Carolina) and while she is quick to shut down any biphobic or queerbaiting attacks, many other celebrities have preferred to dance around sexuality inquiries or keep quiet about them. No one is entitled to anyone’s sexuality and LGBTQ representation for high-profile individuals does have an impact on society. 

These two can exist at the same time.

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