Cardi B’s latest tweet left the internet ROFL and a new meme was born

Cardi B isn’t a stranger to creating your latest meme and thanks to this post, she’s done it again.

Say what you will about the Bronx native, but Belcalis Almanzar Cephus (a.k.a. Cardi B) understands the assignment when it comes to getting the internet’s attention. While many fans will gush about her unapologetically confident and explicit bars on songs like “WAP,” “Bongos,” or “Put it on da Floor,” her online persona keeps her fans engaged. And the rap superstar continues to have “meme-worthy” moments.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a Cardi B meme? We’ll go first. There’s sassy, tattle-telling kid Cardi B, there’s “What is that?” Cardi B, and of course there’s her “beef forever” meme.

Now, we have a dolphin meme to thank Cardi B for. On Monday, Cardi B posted, to X (formerly Twitter), “Just got my laser, [p*ssy] smooth like a dolphin” with a picture of her and dolphin in a pool. We’re not sure what’s more iconic, the line or this new meme.

The bar actually comes from Cardi B’s latest single “Like What (Freestyle).” Following the fervor from last year’s “Bongos,” Cardi is showing that she’s hard at work in the studio. And probably working even harder on her brand endorsements, being that the visual for “Like What (Freestyle)” plays after one of her commercials.

With a new song out and another fantastic meme, the Internet latched on. For starters, we think that dolphin is in on this marketing strategy.

Also, why is this photo giving high school textbook cover?

Lastly, did Cardi B just start a laser hair removal movement in 2024?

Are we all living the “dolphin life” now?

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