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Cassie Taylor’s new song is an anthem of trans self-love and solidarity

Here’s why Cassie Taylor‘s latest song is a love letter to the trans community.

The past few years have been life-changing for Taylor. The talented singer-songwriter navigated a divorce, came out as queer (uses she/they pronouns), became a Playboy centerfold, and shared her connection with the kink community. All the while, Taylor’s music-making didn’t stop and now they have a new track dedicated to trans self-love.

Last week, Taylor released their new track “DEADNAME (Find You)” featuring trans artists of color Cuee and Dante Foley. The uptempo western disco ballad, with instrumentation provided by Foley, chronicles the story of a trans man finding self-love. With Cuee’s lyrical stylings, “DEADNAME (Find You)” highlights themes of self-acceptance, liberation, and embracing authenticity.

For Taylor, “DEADNAME (Find You)” came out of a turning point in her life.

“Storytelling and songwriting have always been a huge passion of mine,” Taylor said in a press release. “I wanted to use that creativity to generate more visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community. I have [the] deepest respect and admiration for members of the trans and nonbinary communities who choose to live authentically. Watching my friends embrace their true selves was a big part of me coming to terms with my own sexuality.”

Taylor is doing double duty. While “DEADNAME (Find You)” serves as an anthem of trans self-love and solidarity, it’s also raising funds for Point of Pride. The nonprofit is dedicated to providing the trans community with access to gender-affirming health and wellness services. 50% of the song’s proceeds will go to the organization, while the remaining half will go to Cuee and Foley, leaving 100% of the track’s funds going to the trans community.

“We all need to actively advocate for things like gender-affirming care so everyone can feel safe and at home in their body,” Taylor said. “I’m hoping this song can inspire conversation and encourage others to live their truth.”

Taylor’s accompanying music video for “DEADNAME (Find You)” is just as much a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community. Filming took place in Kansas City at a local queer event ran by Taylor’s friends, highlighting plenty of queer joy.

“Involving my queer community in the visuals for the track was so important to me,” Taylor added. “I wanted to showcase queer joy and love. We filmed the music video at a local Kansas City queer event my friends run called ‘Queer Bar Takeover’ during their Cowboy Carter party. The aesthetic of the crowd was perfect for the western and disco vibes of the track.”

Check out the music video for “DEADNAME (Find You)” below.

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