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Did Charli XCX take inspiration from this ‘Drag Race’ meme queen?

Charli XCX’s new album BRAT is almost upon us, and one unreleased track has the internet’s attention for a very gay reason.

The Charli song “Guess,” which is rumored to be a part of BRAT’s deluxe edition, bears an uncanny resemblance to a niche performance from RuPaul’s Drag Race: Serena ChaCha’s talent show from the sixth season of All Stars, a performance of her original song “Wig.”

The similarity was pointed out by fan account @dragraceher on X. “The fact that Charli XCX has a song on her new album ‘Brat’ that sounds IDENTICAL to Serena ChaCha’s talent show is absolutely sending ME,” they wrote, accompanied by a video they made comparing the two tracks.

The similarities are impossible to ignore. Both songs have a pulsing beat and a repetitive, rhythmic chorus. Where ChaCha’s wig-focused lyrics go, “Snatch it, blow it, flip it, throw it / Tease it, lace it, brush it, blow it,” Charli’s lyrics (which are about her underwear) are, “Try it, bite it, lick it, spill it / Pull it to the side and get all up in it,” at just about the same tempo.

Would Charli seriously have taken inspiration from Serena ChaCha, of all people? Well, no. There’s a piece of the puzzle @dragraceher seemed to be missing: both “Guess” and “Wig” are likely referencing Daft Punk’s “Technologic,” which had the same chorus structure almost 20 years earlier.

But folks weren’t judgmental about @dragraceher’s go-to reference being Drag Race instead of Daft Punk. Instead, they were impressed at their apparent dedication to gay culture.

But this close to BRAT’s release date, who can blame the gays for drawing comparisons? Charli’s album releases this Friday, June 6, and it’s sure to be the soundtrack for the rest of Pride Month.

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