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Did this ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ star call out Taylor Swift?

Here’s why the internet thinks Taylor Swift just got called out by this Tony Award winner.

Swift’s latest album has fans in a chokehold and the internet in consistent discourse. The double album has topped the charts, but has left many critics and some fans scratching their heads over the lyrics. One song in particular, “I Hate It Here,” is causing plenty of online stir.

The song focuses on Swift going to “secret gardens” in her mind. Which, do we all disassociate within this hellscape every now and then? Yes, but the lyrics that are causing so much conversation talk about Swift going somewhere that many people, including herself, wouldn’t actually, well, enjoy.

“My friends used to play a game where we would pick a decade we wished we could live in instead of this. I’d say the 1830s, but without all the racists and getting married off for the highest bid.”

Yikes. Romanticizing a time where the enslavement of Black people, the genocide of Native Americans, child labor, lack of (white) women’s rights, and the criminalization of queerness were prominent was a (bad) choice. Well, needless to say everyone is talking about the song’s controversy and it seems like Tony Award-winning producer, actor, director, bestie to Reneé Rapp, and Sex Lives of College Girls star Alyah Chanelle Scott entered the chat about it as well.

Scott wrote “yes, i’ve heard the entire song. yes, i understand exactly what she’s saying. and STILL i think she’s absolutely out of her god damn mind for writing that sh*t. argue w the wall.”

Swifties have fired back at critics of the lyric. While Scott didn’t name anyone in her tweet, many folks assume that it’s directed towards the “I Hate It Here” singer. Swift’s fan have also swarmed Scott’s post, but the actor could care less about the fanbase and had some follow up for them too.

“Omg hi girls! glad ur here,” Scott wrote. “So, unfortunately ur fav did write some bad lyrics! is she racist? no! but to act like that line was necessary to prove her point (which is a decent one) is quite a stretch! hope this helps!”

Points were made and Scott’s fans were here for it, calling out Swifties who were coming for the Reboot star and coming to her defense as well.

And while the discourse rages on, Scott is minding her business and protecting her peace.

Scott concluded her X/Twitter thread with “and please feel free to keep talking! i will be muting this post so i promise i won’t be listening! with love.”

She said what she said.

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