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Lily Gladstone and Kelly Marie Tran cast as lesbian couple for cult movie remake

Lily Gladstone and Kelly Marie Tran are ready to give serious couples in this upcoming remake.

In 1993, critically-acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee released The Wedding Banquet. The film centers around the story of gay Taiwanese man (Winston Chao) who, after marrying a mainland Chinese woman (May Chin), has to keep up a charade to hide his male partner from his family. The film earned several accolades, including five Golden Horse Awards (the Taiwanese Oscar equivalent), Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film, and was inducted into the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2023.

Needless to say, it left its mark on the world. Now, a remake is around the corner, thanks to filmmaker Andrew Ahn. And Gladstone and Marie are some of the fabulous names attached to it.

Ahn’s Wedding Banquet follows Min, a queer man whose marriage proposal was just rejected by his partner Chris (Yang). Min turns to his best friend, Angela (Tran), who he convinces to marry him in order to obtain a green, in exchange for paying for IVF treatment for her partner Liz (Gladstone). But a simple city hall elopement becomes an elaborate facade when Min’s grandmother (Youn Yuh-jung) decides to throw the “couple” an extravagant Korean wedding banquet.

While the search for the lead character Min is still underway, the Wedding Banquet remake is full of some iconic actors. Yang, who previously worked with Ahn on Fire Island, is one of Saturday Night Live‘s gems. Tran, who was last seen in The Young Wife, was first woman of color to have a starring role in within the Star Wars Franchise. Gladstone and Youn made headlines as the former was the first Native American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, while Youn became the first South Korean actress to win Best Supporting Actress.

This upcoming remake plans to bring plenty of star power to the silver screen. Of course, we’re excited, but we also can’t wait to see Gladstone and Tran as on-screen couple.

And neither can the internet.

A fabulous Lesbian Visibility Week announcement! The Wedding Banquet is slated to premiere in 2025.

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