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A lesbian version of this popular dating show is almost here

Reality TV fans (and messy gays) rejoice: the lesbian dating show of our dreams is just around the corner.

I Kissed A Girl is a spin-off of the popular series I Kissed A Boy, which followed the same premise with queer men instead of queer women. On I Kissed A Girl, 10 single women will live together in an Italian villa — sorry, masseria — and upon meeting and being paired off, will kiss each other before saying a word.

Assuming the show continues with I Kissed A Boy’s format, the contestants will have ample chances to say if they’d like to stay with their partner or explore other options with the other women in the house. Anyone left without a partner will get the boot.

Though Danii Minogue is returning as the host, I Kissed A Girl will have a brand-new narrator: lesbian TikTok star Charley Marlowe, who will be providing commentary on all the drama, laughs, and hook-ups throughout the show.

In an interview with the BBC, Marlowe teased a season full of “snogging”: “God, they all barely get a word in between all the smooching,” she said. Beyond the make-out seshes, though, she praised the show for its honest, true-to-life portrayal of queer women.

“You can expect to see normal queer girls!!!! Not queer girls who are sexualized, fetishized or romanticized!! Queer girls who don’t know what they want, who want a relationship, who want a fling. Young queer girls who are exploring their sexuality and themselves in a safe environment,” Marlowe said. “Of course, there’s loads of drama and it’s SUCH an unreal watch! But it’s fantastic to see queer girls being themselves without constraints — that’s what you can expect.”

I Kissed A Girl will premiere on BBC iPlayer in just a few weeks on Sunday, May 5 with its first two episodes. The rest of the season will air on BBC Three on Sundays and Mondays.


I AM THE VOICE OF I KISSED A GIRL on @BBC Three and iplayer coming soon🤭🤭🤭🤩🤩 #comedy #fyp

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