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Drake Comes Out as a Lesbian, Trans Folks Rejoice

· Updated on June 29, 2022

Today, Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy dropped, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Between Drake admitting that he’s a lesbian, talking about his therapist, and gushing over how cute his son Adonis is, it’s a whole-ass event. Truly the world has not been this stunned since Kanye boasted that he would “do anything for a blonde dyke” on “Stronger.”

But here’s the real question, as usual. Where do the gays land on all this? What about the trans girls? How are we feeling? Are we vibing with this Lilith Fair nonsense?

Short answer: oh yes.

There’s even a campaign afoot to RESPECT DRAKE’S PRONOUNS!

Drake is one of the girls, and by “the girls” we mean t girls.

Honestly, this is a power lesbian move right here:

I know that’s right:

Don’t bother us, we’re moodboarding.

Truly a curveball of the best variety:

This news has got us reconsidering everything:

Egg vibes?

Respect a he/him lesbian, please.

When is Drake going on tour with Shakira? This is the lesbian dream pairing we’ve been waiting for:

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