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Dylan Mulvaney goes viral with what some are calling her “best” TikTok video

A new video from Dylan Mulvaney went viral on TikTok over the weekend. In the 12-second short, Mulvaney dresses as Sophie Ellis Bextor and lipsyncs along to the re-discovered pop classic, “Murder On The Dancefloor”.

It seems that many people online actually thought it was Mulvaney in the original video and tagged her online.

Watch below.

@dylanmulvaney #duet with @account #2023 ♬ saltburn traumatised me – account

The most well-liked comment summed up what many felt.


Others seemed genuinely shocked it wasn’t Mulvaney in the original video.

A comment saying, “Wait, that isn’t you OMG,” received over 4,000 likes.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

“Murder On The Dancefloor” hit number two hit in the UK charts in December 2001 for British singer Ellis-Bextor. Despite being a disco-influenced slice of gorgeousness, it was largely unknown in many parts of the world.

However, the track features in a key scene toward the end of the movie Saltburn. Since the Emerald Fennell-directed film hit streaming services over the holidays, the song has enjoyed a renewed lease of life.

It re-entered the UK top ten last week for the first time in over 20 years. This has led many people to discover the original video for the first time. In it, Ellis Bextor—who does bear a resemblance to Mulvaney—is taking part in a dance-off. She resorts to underhand tactics to knock out her rivals and win over the judges.

The upbeat tone of the track, contrasted by the darker lyrics, made it perfect for Saltburn.

Ellis-Bextor told the UK’s Official Chart Company the song’s renewed success is “magical.”

“I’m always very connected to my music, and one thing I’ve always loved about my work is its ability to surprise me. ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ is a song I’ve been singing for 20 years, and I’m on really good terms with it. I love singing it, I love performing it and what’s happening at the moment is kind of magical, actually.”

She told the BBC Ferrell informed her how the song would feature in the movie when permission was sought to use it.

Ellis-Bextor said she went to see an early screening of Saltburn with her mum (former kids TV presenter Janet Ellis) and her 19-year-old son, Sonny. She’d been a little nervous about how her son might feel watching what she’d been warned was quite a graphic movie alongside his mum and grandma.

“But he was fine. He was like ‘That was in my Top 10 favorite films I’ve ever seen’. I was sort of projecting my worry on him but I did have my head in my hands at least twice during the film – you can probably guess when.”

Mulvaney teases pop career

Meanwhile, although Mulvaney has cleared up that she is NOT in the “Murder On The Dancefloor” video, she last night let slip that we can expect a genuine Mulvaney pop moment soon.

Mulvaney attended the Golden Globes in Los Angeles. She ended up at the Billboard Golden Globes afterparty. An interviewers asked her what projects she’s working on for 2024. Mulvaney revealed she’s working on her own “popstar moment.”

Asked to elaborate on what sort of “popstar moment” fantasy she was bringing, the trans influencer said, “I want a little ‘Stars Are Blind’ Paris Hilton. I want a little Hillary Duff in the Lizzy Maguire movie. I just want a song for gay people to dance to in a club.”

Watch below.

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