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“Good Luck, Babe!” just got a rock version thanks to Towa Bird

“Good Luck, Babe!” just got even queerer thanks to Towa Bird‘s guitar riffs.

Chappell Roan was right when she proclaimed at Coachella that she’s “your favorite artist’s favorite artist.” First, fellow rising pop princess Sabrina Carpenter covered Roan’s breakout hit “Good Luck, Babe!” for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge series. Now, rock icon-in-the-making Bird gave the track an epic guitar line in a new TikTok that we didn’t know we needed.

While Roan sings the chorus, Bird shreds away on her “Towa Bird” monogrammed Gibson Firebird instantly taking the song from ’80s synth pop to ’70s glam rock. The 25-second TikTok was more than enough to sway listeners into Bird’s fandom. One commenter even wrote “I get it [Reneé] I get it.”

And we do too. Check out the video below.

The singer-songwriter and guitar prodigy (in same vein as Jimi Hendrix) is expecting her debut album, American Hero, to drop on June 28. Bird, describes her sound as “if ’70s classic rock and ’90s Britpop had a baby, and the baby was queer, Asian and a woman.” And with singles like “Sorry Sorry” and “B.I.L.L.S,” the sapphic sensation’s upcoming project is a perfect late Pride present.

Did we mention she’s also in a relationship with singer-songwriter and actress Reneé Rapp? The two hard launched their relationship at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscars Party gagging the internet. And Bird joined Rapp onstage during the latter’s Snow Angel tour, performing a beautiful rendition of the Cranberries’ “Linger.”

Now, she’s blessing us all by putting guitar riffs in queer anthems. We need a Roan and Bird collab like never before. In a perfect world, hopefully this one, Bird is onstage shredding her guitar while Roan tells an ex-lover “Good Luck, Babe!”

American Hero drops on June 28.

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