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Sabrina Carpenter’s new performance is a love letter to Chappell Roan

Sabrina Carpenter and Chappell Roan are the indisputable rising princess of pop — and with Carpenter’s latest performance, their worlds are colliding.

For BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge series, Carpenter chose to cover Roan’s breakthrough hit “Good Luck, Babe!”, sending both singers’ fandoms into a frenzy. 

Carpenter’s take is guitar-heavy and skews less synth-pop than Roan’s version. It also features some of Carpenter’s trademark sassy speak-singing, all of which has fans desperate for a collab between the two.

Some fans also pointed out that Carpenter is “fighting the straight allegations” by covering an explicitly sapphic song — and on the heels of collabing with girl in red, no less! Regardless of Carpenter’s sexuality, she’s certainly a gay icon in the making.

Carpenter recently shouted Roan out in an interview with Rolling Stone, sharing that they met at Coachella where they both performed.

“I’ve been just as obsessed with her as everyone has,” Carpenter said. “It’s so weird when you’re hanging out as two young women as opposed to thinking about when she goes onstage and is that person and when I go on stage.”

In another interview for Rolling Stone, Carpenter named Roan when asked who she’s currently listening to. “I listen to Chappell all the time,” she said. “Yeah, ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ on loop-de-loop.”

It all goes to show that, just as she claimed with a viral Sasha Colby reference, Roan truly is your favorite artist’s favorite artist.

The full video of Carpenter’s “Good Luck, Babe!” performance isn’t out yet, but it should be on BBCRadio1VEVO’s YouTube channel soon. Until then, we’ll have the audio on repeat.

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