Bonnie and Clyde '24

Barry Keoghan’s sultry “Please Please Please” cameo has the gays in a tizzy

It’s been almost two months since the world was shaken (not stirred) by Sabrina Carpenter’s masterpiece of a music video, “Espresso.” Pride came early for the gays when the bubbly, flirty, deliciously campy single hit in April, and we’re pleased to announce that Carpenter’s extremely smart rebranding has paid off in dividends. After soft-launching her relationship with honorary transmasc heartthrob and Saltburn star Barry Keoghan last year, Carpenter released a video for her upcoming album Short n’ Sweet‘s second single this morning featuring a very substantial Keoghan cameo.

In “Please Please Please,” Keoghan and Carpenter play Bonnie and Clyde lovers on the run from the law. Picking up where “Espresso” left off, “Please” continues the Dolly-fication of Carpenter by showing her in glamorous blonde bombshell mode getting sprung out of the slammer by none other than Keoghan. And things keep heating up from there. That’s that he espresso, I guess.

The gays, needless to say, are loving everything about it.

It’s the hard launch to end all hard launches, and we love to see it.

The Barry Keoghan-is-mid slander ends here and now!

We love a couple that makes each other hotter.

He truly is an example for every boyfriend of a pop star: this is how it’s done!

The chemistry might not be as steamy as the immortal Jacob Elordi iced coffee video, but it’s still pretty hot. He espresso, she espresso—it’s all good.

These two? Bisexual culture.

It’s game over for everyone else hard launching this year.

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