Grindr notification on man’s phone interrupts TV broadcast

The first semi-final of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmö, Sweden, last night. The second semi-final takes place on Thursday. The grand final takes place on Saturday and will feature 26 countries.

The contest normally had a huge LGBTQ+ following, and a section of last night’s broadcast immediately triggered some viewers to reach to check their phone.

Standing close to audience members in the Malmö Arena, co-presenter Petra Mede encouraged viewers to download the Eurovision app to cast their votes. She borrowed a phone from a man in the audience to demonstrate. As she did so, the all-too-distinctive noise of Grindr notifications coming through to his cell could be heard.

Watch below.

Of course, we’re assuming the segment was planned. It was a joke on Eurovision’s huge queer following and the fact the Arena had a large number of gay audience members.

Mede offered no explanation, merely returning the phone to the embarrassed-looking man and telling him that he seemed to be having a “wonderful week” in Malmö.

The surprise moment was appreciated by many viewers.

Bambie Thug and Olly Alexander

Fifteen of the countries that performed last night were up for elimination. Ten advanced to the final on Saturday, with five going home. Among those to advance was Ireland. It is the first country to enter a nonbinary performer, Bambie Thug.

After an eyebrow-raising performance, Thug proudly waved a trans flag in the green room part of the arena while waiting for the results to be announced.

Here is their performance of “Doomsday Blue”.

Representing the UK is gay singer Olly Alexander. He turned in one of Eurovision’s queerest ever performances flanked by four gyrating boxers.

The UK is automatically in the final as it’s one of the “big five” countries that provides the bulk of the funding for the contest to take place. Last year’s winner hosts the contest and is also guaranteed a place in the final.

You can watch a recap of last night’s performances below. The ten countries who advanced to the grand final were Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia Ireland and Luxembourg.

Calls for boycott

Eurovision, like the Olympics, promotes itself as a non-political event to bring nations together. However, some queer fans are boycotting this year’s event as they’re unhappy that Israel has been allowed to participate. They believe the country should have been barred because of the ongoing war in Gaza. They point to the fact that Eurovision organizers have barred Russia since the country launched an invasion of Ukraine.

Israel will compete in Thursday’s semi-final event.

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