Lesbians, Assemble!

Is Harry Styles a He/They Lesbian?

If you’ve been in this community long enough, you pride yourself on knowing a he/they lesbian when you see one. There was the recent matter of Drake identifying himself as a sapphic lover of women that had everyone talking, except those of us who, you know, knew. Today, in light of singer-bicon-pansexual imp Harry Styles’ confirmation that his hit summer jam “Watermelon Sugar” is indeed about oral sex with women, we have to simply put it on the table. Harry Styles, longtime lesbian icon, just might be a he/they lesbian. We don’t know! But honestly, all signs point to yes. 

If you think we’re out of pocket here, allow me to unveil the tweets:

One out of ten lesbians agree.

We’re all waiting.

Sappho says: apology accepted.

And we can’t forget the Saphhic glory of the “watermelon Sugar” video:

Now to be clear: lesbians talking about someone being a lesbian does not count as proof that someone identifies as a lesbian. Until we hear the words from Harry’s mouth, we will remain unsure. But some truths are simply too loud for words, and this is one of them. Harry, are you the he/they lesbian the world needs in order to heal right now? We’re placing our bets on you.

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