Here are the funniest reactions to Harvard’s new Taylor Swift class

First there was the Lana Del Rey class, then there was the hiring of the Taylor Swift reporter, now, if you haven’t heard, there’s a full-on Taylor Swift class being taught at Harvard. Let’s face it, pop culture is having a huge moment in academia. And why not? Don’t most of us spend hours of our lives committing Taylor Swift and SZA lyrics to memory anyway? Why not get some class credit for it?

That said, not everyone is happy about this development. Just as Taylor has her rabid fans, she has her detractors.

Me? Getting my BFA in Folklore Studies, with a minor in HAIM.

Color us excited.

Some of us have been waiting for this moment…

Call us Good Will C*nting

And for those of us just aching to know what the syllabus is, read on…

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