Let's Go, Lesbians!

Here’s why sapphics can’t get over All Things Go’s new lineup

Sapphics are taking over the music industry, and we couldn’t be happier to see it.

This year, the popular D.C.-based music festival All Things Go is expanding to New York City with a second location and slate of featured artists. The festival’s NYC line-up just dropped, and there’s one big running theme: sapphism.

The festival’s headliners are a who’s who of the biggest queer celebs in the music industry: Reneé Rapp, MUNA, Chappell Roan, Janelle Monáe, Ethel Cain, and Julien Baker. Further down in the lineup are Rapp’s girlfriend Towa Bird and queer punk band Mannequin Pussy.

As one user put it on X, the lineup is “so perfectly curated for a certain type of lesbian that I can’t be 100% sure it’s not a front to lure them into some sort of sting operation.” Needless to say, gays across the internet are obsessed with the level of queerness on display, with lesbians, nonbinary folks, a trans woman, and a bisexual or two all bringing their musical stylings to the festival.

The lineup is certainly exciting for music lovers, but on a deeper level, it shows just how far pop culture has come when it comes to queer acceptance. Artists like Rapp and Roan in particular have had remarkable years for their careers, with Rapp having 2023’s biggest debut album by a woman with her record Snow Angel and Roan having a meteoric rise in popularity, skyrocketing from under 2 million to more than 20 million listeners on Spotify in just a few months.

One X user took the lineup as an opportunity to reflect on the state of queer women in music. “Not to be like ‘when I was your age’ but when I was growing up/in my early 20s I couldn’t possibly imagine this number of young queer woman artists on this bill,” they wrote. “Feeling emotional about it.”

All Things Go tickets go on presale tomorrow, Thursday, June 13, with general sales starting the next day.

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