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Lady Gaga gives fans an update on what her new album WON’T sound like

Lady Gaga has posted three new pictures of herself in the process of recording tracks for her new album.

One pic shows her appearing to play an electric guitar. However, her caption informs fans not to jump to conclusions: “No I’m not making a rock album,” she said.

The image has had over half a million likes in less than 12 hours.

Some fans questioned her statement.

“I can never tell if you’re joking or not,” was one well-liked comment. Another person said, “So is heavy metal? Yayyyy”

Another pic showed her at her studio door saying, “There’s a rat in the studio.”

In a third, she sits playing and singing at a piano.

The overriding reaction from fans was just joy and excitement that Gaga had confirmed LG7 was on its way. Her last album, Chromatica, arrived in May 2020. Since that time, as some have been quick to point out on social media, Taylor Swift has released four albums (Folklore, Evermore, Midnights and the upcoming The Tortured Poets Department this March), and Beyoncé two (Renaissance Act 1 and her forthcoming country album next month).

That’s not to say, of course, Gaga has been idle. Far from it. She had the Chromatica Ball tour (postponed because of Covid) and was also filming movies. First House of Gucci and then Joker: Folie à Deux.

‘Joker: Folie à Deux’

The eagerly-awaited Joker sequel, starring Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix, is out this October, exactly five years after the first movie. Yesterday, to mark Valentine’s, director Todd Phillips posted three new images of his two leads to Instagram.

Not much is known about the sequel except it will contain “musical elements”. Gaga will play Harley Quinn. She meets the Joker when he is sent to Arkham Asylum and falls under his spell.

Check out the images by swiping below. One shows Gaga and Phoenix nose-to-nose between prison bars. Another shows them dancing, arm-in-arm, on a rooftop.

Quinn was previously played on screen by Margot Robbie. She has voiced support for Gaga taking on the role. She told Variety last month, “I always wanted Harley to be a character that would get passed on to other actresses to play, the way there are so many iconic male characters.

“That was always the dream for her. Harley’s so fun and can go in so many different directions. You put her in someone else’s hands, and it’s like, ‘What are they going to do with her?’ The options are endless.”

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