What happened to Adele when Lady Gaga showed up at her Las Vegas residency

Being in the presence of someone as famous and accomplished as Adele can be pretty overwhelming, but the shoe was on the other foot when a fellow singer showed up at Adele’s Las Vegas residency, Weekends with Adele.

Adele’s career is monumental, to say the least. The British phenom has topped music charts across the globe, collected numerous accolades, and made record-breaking albums. The 35-year-old added another award to her collection when she received the Sherry Lansing Award at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment ceremony.

So when Adele sat down to chat with THR about her journey, she chatted about what mattered to her most, music, motherhood, and Beyoncé (her idol). But when it came time to dish about the list of famous folks who attended her Las Vegas residency, Adele had a confession to make. 

“I’ve had lots of amazing people there,” Adele said. “There’s been one there that I sh*t myself the whole show.”

Numerous celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa, have ventured over to “Sin City” to sing (and cry) at Adele’s residency. But when Lady Gaga showed up in the audience, Adele admitted to being incredibly nervous.

“And I’ve spent a bit of time with her, but I rate her so hard,” Adele said. “I was like, ‘The show’s terrible. It’s rubbish. I’m singing terribly. I’m not funny. My dress is rubbish this week.’ I was judging myself. And she’s not like that. But she made me really, really nervous.”

So even a talented, music industry-changing titan like Adele gets nervous. But honestly, Lady Gaga’s entertainment career is nothing to scoff at, especially when she’s broken several music industry records, topped music charts, and became the first woman to win an Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and Grammy Award in one year with the song “Shallow.” 

That doesn’t even consider the influence she’s had on “little monsters” all around the world. 

“I don’t get told who’s coming. I only knew Gaga was coming. She came in disguise. Well, not in disguise, she just wasn’t dressed up. It’s like me, I’ve put sweatpants on [today]. But yeah, as long as people come and they enjoy it, that’s all that matters, really.”

But there’s one person who hasn’t seen the show that Adele wants in the audience. 

“The only person I want to see it that hasn’t yet is my mum,” Adele said. “I’m going to wait — I want her to see it at the end. Because I think she’ll find it really emotional as well.”

Hopefully she won’t be as nervous to watch the show as Adele was when she had perform it in front of Lady Gaga. 

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