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That time Beyoncé revamped this rapper’s debut single

Let’s go back 20 years to 2003. A time where the lavish Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were living The Simple LIfe, Hot Topic ruled the wardrobe of many a teen, and Disney Channel was run by Raven-Symoné, Lindsay Lohan, and Hilary Duff.   

Also, in 2003 was the debut of New York rapper 50 Cent. While many may know him now for being a part of the production team of Starz’ Power franchise (as well as starring in the O.G. series), 50 Cent was busy dominating the music charts with his premiere single, “In da Club.”

The song not only became his first and only number one single, but it racked up numerous accolades (including becoming the most listened to songs of 2003 and being deemed one of the greatest songs of all time by Rolling Stone). Also the lyrics “Go, shawty. It’s your birthday” has kept millennials in a chokehold for 2 decades. 

But did you know that Beyoncé remixed it?

While 50 Cent’s song just reached diamond status within the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), a fancy way of saying the song sold 10 million units, the X account @MykeYonce pointed out that Queen Bey’s version should never be forgotten. The remix track, which was titled “Sexy Lil Thug,” was featured on her mixtape (yes Beyoncé had one) called Speak My Mind, prior to the release of her first chart-topping solo album Dangerously in Love

While 50 Cent was rapping about being at the club with a “bottle full of bub’,” Queen Bey was letting everyone know that she was “that girl wearing Chanel pearls.” And with @MykeYonce’s post, they reminded 50 Cent fans and the BeyHive about the time Beyoncé was on her mixtape grind. 

However, decades and 7 studio albums later, Beyoncé proclaimed that “it’s not the diamonds, it’s not the pearls. I’m that girl.” And we agree. 

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