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Lana Del Rey interviews Billie Eilish on the hard and soft topics

Barely a few months after their surprise duet at Coachella, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey have joined forces once again. This time, they’re sitting down for Interview Magazine and talking over Eilish’s recent album, Hit Me Hard And Soft.

Since coming out last fall, Eilish has already opened up more than ever on her personal life. In conversation with Del Rey, she manages to dive deeper on why she avoids vulnerability.

Del Rey kicked off the conversation discussing how the album seems like such a departure for Eilish, making it difficult to pin her down. Discussing the song “Skinny,” in which Eilish opens the album on her struggles with body image, Del Rey reflected, “If someone had asked me, ‘Do you think anything would bother her?’ I’d be like, ‘Probably something, but I could not tell you what.’ So Billie Eilish does get hurt sometimes? What the hell?”

Eilish acknowledged that the appearance of “nonchalance” is exactly that. “A lot of moments on this album are about situations where I was like, ‘I’d rather be tortured inside but have somebody think that I’m cool, than have somebody think that I’m hysterical and actually express my feelings,’” she said. “So many songs on this album reflect that realization of, like, ‘Maybe I’m obsessed with the idea of nonchalance.’”

“I would rather suffer in silence than tell you something’s bothering me and have you think I’m sensitive,” she added.

At the same time, she acknowledged this affectation can be off-putting to some. “I come off as a person that doesn’t care,” Eilish said. “I care about people and I have love and passion, but in relationships, I found myself never ever expressing any of my needs. It was interesting to notice I was doing that, and that’s what these lyrics are about. It’s almost like I resent myself for not advocating for myself, because maybe if I had, things would’ve changed. But I’ve always had an issue with weakness.”

Like the album itself, the interview switches between hard and soft topics. Del Rey moves on to discuss the internet’s new favorite sapphic anthem. “Are you wondering what people are going to say about the song ‘Lunch?’” she asked.

“I’m pretty aware of what people will say,” Eilish replied laughing. “It’s so weird to grow up and change in front of the world. The craziest part is discovering things about myself and then suddenly, everyone else knows, and I don’t even have a second to think about how it makes me feel.” This sentiment echoes her recent coming out, with Eilish accusing a news outlet of prematurely making her sexuality public.

As for the shock value of a song clearly about eating out, Eilish is happy the single was received with its own kind of nonchalance. “I’m lucky that we’re in a period of time that is so much more welcoming in a lot of ways,” she said. “It’s still a big deal, but it’s not.”

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