Lil Nas X hilariously reveals the devastating criticism that still haunts him

A tweet posted by Lil Nas X has gone viral. The “That’s What I Want” star re-shared a screenshot he first shared four years ago.

At the time, he’d just dropped the video for his track, “Rodeo”. People from around the world watched the premiere live on YouTube. One person commented that they were “Watching from Japan ;-)”

Lil Nas X personally responded and said, “Wow thank you”, with love heart emojis.

The person then replied, “I Didn’t Say It Was Good You F*king S*ck”.

Lil Nas X re-shared the screenshot alongside a photo of a sad-looking horse being rained upon. He said, “4 years later and this still kills me inside.” The tweet has had over 69,000 likes.

Many fans thanked him for the laugh. Others demanded to know when he plans to drop new music.

Lil Nas X released his album, Montero, in September 2021. It went to number two in the US, UK and Canada. His last single was the non-album release, “Stat Walkin” in 2022.

It appears he is gearing up to release new music. Last week he dropped a snippet of a new tune and joked he was entering his “Christian era.”

The stripped-back track had him singing, “Father stretch my hands, the lonely road seems to last the longest. Help me with my plans, everything seems to go nowhere.”

A chorus finds him saying, “I call on angels … give me hope when I feel less.”

Predictably, some in the Christian community expressed disgust that the “Industry Baby” star should be singing about God or angels. Lil Nas X took exception to a couple of particular tweets criticizing his new song.

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