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Lizzo Is Beyoncé’s Greatest Fan and an Instagram Live Conversation With SZA Proved It

Recording artists aren’t immune to stan culture and there are plenty of the music industry’s finest who buy into different “standoms”. Best example to date, Lizzo and SZA stanning Beyoncé

After blessing the 2023 Grammy Awards with their presence, Lizzo and SZA took to Instagram live to promote the remix of Lizzo’s “Special” featuring SZA.

The two chart-topping performers are besties IRL and this isn’t the first time the two have collaborated. If you’ve been listening to SZA’s SOS on repeat like the rest of us, then you’ve heard “F2F”, which contains a Lizzo writing credit. 

A hot topic made it to the conversation thanks to Lizzo’s asking SZA, “which Renaissance show we going to?”

SZA immediately lit up when the two started talking about it. But celebrities are just like the rest of us, as SZA is trying to secure tickets to Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour too. 

Now, this is Grammy Award-winning, platinum record selling, record-breaking SZA we are talking about. So, if she wanted to get Renaissance World Tour tickets, she might have an industry in. Instead she wanted “really wanted to work towards earning tickets”, but was scared to talk about it out loud as she didn’t want to jinx it.

While SZA worried about seeing Beyoncé, Lizzo had no doubts, but mostly because she’s seen the “Alien Superstar” perform too many times to count. Ok, that’s not entirely true, as she confirmed that she’s seen Beyoncé 11 times. 

Like the rest of us, SZA was gagged, but that didn’t stop Lizzo from listing off the different tours and locations she’s seen Beyoncé (and Destiny’s Child) perform in – including a Walmart and a rodeo. Which, if you think about Beyoncé’s fourth Ivy Park collection, it makes sense. 

Lizzo and SZA’s Instagram live conversation reminds us all that there are two types of Beyoncé fans, ones that will see her multiple times and ones who will struggle to snag Renaissance World Tour tickets. Hopefully, you fall in the former category. 

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