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New Chase Icon, Robin Fierce, and More on This Week’s Queer Music Mixtape

· Updated on August 14, 2023

Welcome to Into’s Queer Music Mixtape! Consider this your #1 hub for all things new LGBTQ+ music, where we cover the hottest releases of the week in one handy guide.

This week introduced new bad bitch anthems, queer country jams, heartfelt tributes, and more. No matter your genre or mood, these artists have you covered. We’ve included Instagram links in each artist’s byline and streaming links below for your convenience!

Check out all the bangers and ballads of this week’s Queer Music Mixtape:

“Bad Bitchery” by Robin Fierce

These season 15 Connecticut queens know how to cut a track. Loosey Laduca made waves with “Let Loose”, Amethyst has given unexpectedly savvy pop-rap realness on tracks like “The Baddest”, and now Robin Fierce has entered the fray with an ode to bad bitchery. Instead of taking the bass-heavy club-shaker route, Robin rides a bright vibe that lands somewhere between Keiynan Lonsdale and Chloe x Halle in their most fun, radio-friendly moments. Drag Race‘s runtime debacle may have tried to cut into her time in the spotlight, but she’s far from finished showing off.

Stream Robin Fierce on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Club Cooter: Reloaded” by Chase Icon

With this remix, Chase Icon gives her recent single the house music treatment in a gorgeous way. And if you’re going to have anyone take you down to “Club Cooter”, who better than the pop doll who narrated Slag Wars? THAT’s a credential. Fans of “Like Me” and “I’m Perfect” should be more than ready to get down at this all-too-exclusive spot.

Stream Chase Icon on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“The Dream” by Elisabeth Elektra

“The Dream” sees Elisabeth Elektra capturing some sonic magic akin to classic Madonna but with dreamier modern aesthetics, making for as entrancing a listen as their witchy, gothic vibe would entail. If this is what we can expect from the post-Mercurial era, fans better strap in.

Stream Elisabeth Elektra on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“The Lavender Song” by Jinkx Monsoon

Straight off her dazzling run as Mama Morton in Chicago, this queen of all queens is back with a queer music history lesson like no other. This latest single offers Jinkx’s take on one of the oldest queer folk anthems in recorded history, “Das lila Lied”. The song originally came about in a time of unprecedented freedom for LGBTQ+ folks in 1920s Germany before it was torn away by the Nazis. “We’re in another similar moment in history, and that’s why I wanted to bring this song back,” Jinkx says. “To honor our queer ancestors, and send an urgent reminder that we won’t back down.”

Stream Jinkx Monsoon on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Your Mind is Not Your Friend” by Phoebe Bridgers & The National

In the midst of boygeniusing her heart out, Phoebe Bridgers somehow found time to put together this lovely track with The National ahead of their upcoming album First Two Pages of Frankenstein. The Bridgers/Dessner combo ends up with a bit of a Folklore feel to it, but no one is complaining.

Stream Phoebe Bridgers on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Forever Means by Angel Olsen

Last month, Olsen posed a few questions to Rolling Stone that she’d been asking herself: “What does forever really mean? What are the things Iʼm seeking in friendship or love, and how can forever be attainable if weʼre always changing?” Instead of some solid, concrete answer, her poetry and lyricism are serving as a beautiful response.

Stream Angel Olsen on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Madison’s Song” by Noah Davis

American Idol alum Noah Davis shows a profoundly sensitive side with this touching, heartbreaking tribute to a close friend who passed just weeks ago. On his TikTok page, he explains that he shared the track publicly to “help us all heal”, adding, “it’s just so like her to be helping people even after she has left us.” It’s always an honor when an artist trusts their audience with a piece like this.

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“Counterfeit Replies” by Milahroy

“The Rush” singer Milahroy is in their rock era with this fake friend-shredding track. Honestly, living in LA will just do that to you. With this new single out and a show at The Wiltern with Darren Hayes coming up, it doesn’t seem like this singer will be needing the frenemies in question any time soon. 

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“Kissing You” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith just kicked off their Gloria World Tour by releasing  a “Special Edition” of their hit album of the same name, which includes two new tracks and several recordings from their set at The Royal Albert Hall. The new songs, “Kissing You” and “Heavenly Sent”, see Smith returning to the ballad roots that they’re known for as opposed to the pure pop events of “Unholy” and “I’m Not Here To Make Friends”.

Stream Sam Smith on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Get your life at your club of choice this weekend (we’ll be at “Club Cooter”) and meet us back here next week for another Queer Music Mixtape!

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