Not Strong Enough

News of Boygenius breakup at secret show sends the internet into a spiral

Sapphics everywhere just fell to their knees: Boygenius is breaking up.

The indie-rock supergroup, comprised of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, returned last year with mega successful album The Record, which is currently up for seven Grammy Awards including Album of the Year. The band’s powerful lyricism devastated fans — and now, they’re devastated all over again by the news of the group’s disbanding.

At a pair of secret acoustic shows in Los Angeles on February 1, the group reportedly told the crowd that it was “going away for the foreseeable future.” Dacus also said from the stage, “This is our last show, and we’re feeling it.”

Boygenius has yet to officially confirm these statements, but the internet’s already taken them as fact. 

Some consider it the queer version of another traumatic band breakup: One Direction’s, which caused breakdowns in middle schools across America back in 2015.

There’s never been a better time to blast Boygenius’ saddest songs. Anybody else have Cool About It on repeat?

Others are turning to delusions to cope. Maybe by “going away,” the trio means they’re just disappearing inside one another like Russian dolls!

However, all is not lost. Boygenius is a supergroup, after all, and this is most likely just a break so its members can focus on their solo projects for a bit. During the secret show, when Dacus announced they were playing their “last song,” Baker made sure to clarify: “Not ever!”

The group’s last hiatus lasted five years … so perhaps we’ll see more of Boygenius in 2029? Stay strong, folks.

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