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Here’s what your zodiac sign says about you according to SZA

Need some astrology help? Look no further than SZA’s discography to help you out.

As SZA prepares to attend the Grammy Awards as the most nominated artist this year, she took time to chat with Apple Music about pre-performance rituals, upcoming collaborations, and, of course her second album SOS. But she also gave us some astrology insight and as queer people, we can’t help, but tune in.

During her Apple Music interview, she assigned each of the 12 zodiac signs a song based off the vibe they give her. So what did each zodiac sign get?

Starting off with Capricorn, the “Kill Bill” singer ruminated over what to give the sea goat sign.

“I’m trying to think of the driest song that I have – it’s ‘Nobody Gets Me.’”

As for the far out Aquarius, SZA assigned the haunting “Ghost in the Shell,” a collaboration with boygenius member and indie rock artist Phoebe Bridgers. Speaking of rock, Aries received “F2F,” the only rock song on SOS and co-written by Lizzo.

Leo got the honor of receiving the ultra confident song “Conceited,” while the conflicted ballad “Blind” got the Gemini treatment. Pisces was the “Special” one of the zodiac, Sagittarius was the “Supermodel,” and Libra has “Love Galore.”

Taurus and Virgo will have to fight over “Gone Girl,” even though SZA stated that the true winner was Virgo. As for SZA’s zodiac sign, Scorpio, she gave it “Smoking on my Ex Pack.”

However, when it came to Cancer, SZA proclaimed that her discography isn’t for this particular water sign.

“I don’t make Cancer music, respectfully,” SZA said.

SZA said what she said and we respect an outspoken, truthful queen. Check out the interview below.


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