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Victoria Monét wants folk to remember an important fact about bisexuality

We’ve long been big fans of Victoria Monét, but can we take an additional moment to celebrate where she is in her career?

Monét, 34, was recently nominated for seven Grammy awards. This reportedly makes her the most-nominated Black, queer woman in a single Grammy year.

Monét casually came out in 2018 when she posted a tweet saying, “I want everyone to know that I’m single (since people wanna pretend I’m not) and make imaginary rules for me. I secretly and respectfully went through a difficult break up this summer but enough is enough. I also like girls. Thank U, Next. Bye ✌🏾”

In a recent round of press interviews, Monét has opened up further about her sexuality.

In an interview this week with Gayle King she said again she identifies as bisexual. King asks her if this is something people “don’t understand”.

“Not at all,” agreed Monét, before pointing to a common misconception about bisexuals. As Monét is now in a committed relationship with a man, John Gaines, some people presume her bisexuality was a phase and she’s no longer interested in women. Many people see an opposite-sex couple and assume they’re heterosexual and can’t be queer.

“I get the question a lot, ‘So since you’re in a relationship with a man, do you still like girls?’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’,” Monét replied, bemused.

“It’s like, if you’re in a relationship with your girlfriend, do you still like girls? Yes! It doesn’t take away the attraction to other people. It’s a choice that you’re in to be faithful in that relationship.”

You can watch the interview below. The report also includes footage of Monét’s reacting to the news of her Grammy nominations. Her comments about her sexuality are at the 5.10 mark.

Monét also referenced her sexuality in a new interview with Variety.

She said she’d found it hard to come out as bisexual.

“I thought that conforming would make me go further,” she recalled. “Being picturesque, straight…It almost felt like you didn’t want to add any more weights to your ankles trying to win a race. It’s like, you’re already a woman, you’re already Black — you’d better pick a struggle.”

Monét’s Grammy nominations nods include the ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘R&B Song of the Year’ categories for her hit, “On My Mama”. The Grammys take place this Sunday evening in Los Angeles.

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