Megan Thee Stallion can’t fight online right now, she’s busy grinding on Victoria Monét

Megan Thee Stallion can’t get to her phone to respond right now. She’s *cough* a bit occupied with someone else.

Anyone who’s been away from social media, like a certain rapper we know, missed the start of 2024’s great rap beef between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. Rumors swirled around two rappers, who previously collaborated together on “Hot Girl Summer” in 2019, falling out and now the gloves are off with their latest releases.

Megan dropped her new song and visual for “Hiss” on Friday, a follow up to her song fellow snake-themed track “Cobra,” with not so subtle jabs at the “FTCU” rapper. The bar “these hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law,” a reference to the U.S. federal law that requires convicted sex offenders to register with the state, sent the internet into a frenzy.

Well, being that Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty, is a registered sex offender due to pleading guilty to attempted rape at age 16, fans believe she didn’t take that verse lightly. Since then, Nicki has been furiously posting about Megan on X, formerly Twitter, taking jabs at her deceased mother, her traumatic injury brought on by rapper Tory Lane shooting her in the foot, and her height.

All of which culminated into the release of her song “Big Foot” and more Pink Friday 2 album promo a few days later.

While Nicki’s caught up in a social media furor, Megan is relatively quiet, save an interview with radio show The Breakfast Club. Well, that’s because she’s too busy grinding on R&B star Victoria Monét.

While Nicki has kept to her keyboard, Megan seems unbothered by the beef and is out partying with the singer-songwriter. Donning a Tina Snow-approved all-white outfit and platinum blonde afro, Megan twerks on Victoria, who’s dressed in a chocolate pinstriped suit, fur coat, cane, and fedora, while the line “ladies is pimps tonight” plays from Grammy-nominated song “On My Mama.”

The two previously were filmed together at Megan’s “Hottieween” Party last year. Megan is famous for “driving the boat” where she pours liquor into the mouths of her friends and did so with Victoria in a way that had the internet thinking Megan is a top.

The internet still can’t handle these two together and while everyone else is concerned about the Megan/Nicki beef, the rest of us are focused on Megan and Victoria.

The internet will be right back after this feral intermission.

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