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Nico Tortorella bares flesh in “shameless self promotion” for their new “bi ballad”

Actor Nico Tortorella is branching out into music. A couple of weeks ago they released their debut single, entitled “Grapefruit”. On Friday, they followed it up with another new track entitled “He Said She Said”.

In an Instagram posting, Tortorella posted a series of shirtless selfies. Tortorella said, “Shameless promotion. ‘grapefruit’ available now. new single ‘he said she said’ – a bi ballad – drops tonight at midnight est. get into it.”

Both “Grapefruit” and “He Said She Said” are mellow, folksy pop numbers. They will be followed by Tortorella’s debut album, Born, on April 26.

You can watch the video for “He Said She Said” below.

In another Instagram posting, Tortorella shared the lyrics to the song. It opens with Tortorella singing, “She said I look just like Jesus, reminded her of her old man. He said I could be a princess, I wish I could just hold his hand.”

The video was directed by Tortorella’s brother, Rocco.

Last year, Tortorella told GLAAD that his recent role as a musician on Apple TV+’s City on Fire prompted him to start recording songs.

“City on Fire allowed me the opportunity to be in a recording studio and experience the art of crafting a song from beginning to end,” said Tortorella. “It was the first time I’ve really spent time in a booth like that.”

In a statement, Tortorella said, “It provided the catalyst for me to not only express myself artistically but also to embrace my truest essence. The studio became a sanctuary, where I could merge the worlds of character development and personal introspection, ultimately leading me to uncover a new facet of my creative identity.”

Acting career and children’s book

Tortorella, 35, has appeared in Scream 4, Fox crime drama series The Following (2013–2015), TV Land comedy-drama series Younger (2015–2021) and AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Tortorella has previously spoken about being bisexual and gender fluid. They are married to Bethany C Meyers. The couple had their first child last year. Tortorella is also publishing their first kids’ book, entitled Olivette Is You, on the 23rd of this month.

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