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Normani fans can’t wait to get a dose of ‘Dopamine’ thanks to this video

After several singles, electric live performances, and well-deserved hiatus, Normani’s “Dopamine” is finally on its way.

Since Fifth Harmony’s hiatus in 2018, Normani has steadily racked up several hits and collabs over the years, including the perky “Motivation,” the pulsing “Dancing with a Stranger” with Sam Smith, and the sultry “Wild Side” with Cardi B. Not to mention, she’s been featured on two soundtracks (Charlie’s Angels and Birds of Prey) and won a few awards along the way. Fans were impatiently waiting for Normani’s debut album and the wait won’t be for much longer.

On Wednesday, Normani dropped a teaser announcement for her upcoming album Dopamine on X with the caption “first dose of dopamineee. the album is coming 6.14” with the link wheresthedamnalbum.com. While she dropped the first single “1:59” and the name of the album on April 26, Normani fans got a taste of what the Dopamine era has in store. And based off the “First Dose” visual, Normani is going all in.

The video opens up with Normani in Matrix-esque office, wearing a sexy outfit and a headset, before answering the phone.

“Hello, Hotline 1:59,” Normani says, answering a call and referencing her new single. “Yes, here to satisfy your deepest, darkest, wildest desires. No rules, no restrictions, straight dopamine.”

The imagery is call out to Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee’s Girl 6, a film about an actress who gets lost in the seductive world of phone sex. What follows is Normani hitting slick choreography with presumed love interest, before “1:59” collaborator, Gunna, makes an appearance, with both artists singing their parts in the song. Afterwards, the setting changes completely to Normani nude, save silver body paint, sitting atop a rocket of matching color while a snippet of her song “Candypaint” plays.

Is it hot in here or is it just us?

While many fans were expecting Normani’s debut album to drop right after the success of “Motivation.” Instead, Normani took time away from the spotlight in 2020 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Two years later, her father was diagnosed with cancer.

While the break away from music was needed and deserved, Normani returns with the Dopamine era and fans are obsessed.

Dopamine launches on June 14.

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