Olivia Rodrigo admits to being “obsessed” with a girl on this new track

Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album Guts has given us so much to be thankful for. So can you blame us for entirely losing our sh*t over the deluxe version that just dropped? Not only does Rodrigo’s Guts (spilled) give us all our favorites from the original album plus a few extra bangers to tide us over (those of us who can’t afford to see her on tour, anyway,) it gave us a sapphic anthem to rival “Lacy.” Which is saying something!

Rodrigo—who hasn’t confirmed her sexuality—recently made news for getting extremely flirty with her bassist onstage at a recent tour stop, and from the looks of the deluxe Guts album rollout, things are only getting gayer from there.

“If I told you how much I think about her, you’d think I was in love,” Rodrigo croons as the bonus track “Obsessed” begins. “And if you knew how much I look at her pictures,” she continues, “you’d think we’re best friends.”

It’s the perfect start to a classic enemies-to-lovers arc—the difference is that Rodrigo is talking about her current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. The obsession charted in the song refers to romantic jealousy, not necessarily romantic interest. But would we be reading into it too much if we felt like the lyrics were purposefully hinting at something a little queerer than garden variety romantic rivalry?

Rodrigo’s newly-dropped video for the track builds on this theme, casting all the boyfriend’s exes as beauty pageant queens complete with sashes reading “Miss Thought She Was the One,” and “Miss Put Him in Therapy.” Rodrigo stands on the sidelines, wearing a sash that reads “Miss Right Now.”

But listen, there are layers to this thing. “I’m so obsessed with your ex,” goes the chorus. “I know she’s been asleep on my side of the bed, I can feel it.” Again, it might be a song about jealousy on the surface, but as with Rodrigo’s “Lacy,” there’s a deeper reading that shows up the more you engage with what she’s actually saying. Being jealous of a romantic rival can cause obsessive feelings—but the details about Rodrigo imagining a girl asleep on her side of the bed feel softly curious and deeply empathetic. In the end, Rodrigo’s intimacy isn’t with her current boyfriend, who is implied to be making her jealous and insecure through his own behavior. She might love the guy she’s dating, but she spends more of her time fantasizing and wondering about the girl who came before her.

“I’m staring at her like I wanna get hurt,” Rodrigo continues, before the video shifts focus to reveal the singer’s bandmates backing her up, all of whom literally could not be queerer. By the time we get to the lyrics “she’s got those lips, she’s got those hips,” we’re thinking of the spiky, pulse-thumping chorus of “American B*tch,” in which Rodrigo describes herself in nearly the same way, a woman with “perfect all-American lips, and perfect all-American hips.” We know there’s nothing gayer than a double, and it’s clear that Rodrigo is haunted by one in this track.

Now obviously this isn’t hard and fast evidence, and we’re not interested in litigating Rodrigo’s sexuality. Song lyrics exist in a curious space somewhere between fiction and memoir, and reading into them, while fun, shouldn’t count as any kind of coming out or confession. But suffice it to say we’re obsessed with the direction Rodrigo is taking with “Obsessed.”

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