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Saucy Santana Wants ‘One Margarita’ and More in Remix of That Chick Angel’s Viral, Tipsy Hit

One margarita can get the party started, but That Chick Angel and Saucy Santana need a few more for what’s in store. 

Actress, comedian, and host Angel Laketa Moore aka That Chick Angel is taking over the internet with her viral hit “One Margarita”. What started as a response to a viral video of a slut-shaming sermon from a preacher known as Sister Cindy, turned into a massive bop for Angel. This summer sensation is all about what a good cocktail can inspire you to do in the bedroom. While Sister Cindy shouts, “If you buy her one margarita, she will spread her legs,” Moore relishes at the thought of what a margarita will do with her own lyrics, rapping, “Give me one margarita, Imma open my legs.”

The song started as a freestyle on her podcast with comedian Kevin Fredericks aka KevOnStage, morphed into a full-fledged bop, and has inspired countless lip sync videos scattered across social media. To date, the song has been streamed 8 million times, indicating that people truly understand the power of a good margarita. But don’t get it twisted, the song is just as much about owning your sexuality as it is about a solid cocktail and that has helped the song garner support from chart toppers like Cardi B and Lizzo. Additionally, the ode to margarita-inspired friskiness has gained appreciation from queer and straight folks alike, something that Angel took notice of. 

“I’ve been a content creator for 13 years, and most of the time the stuff I do resonates with people that look like me,” said Moore in an interview for Wired. “This was one of the first times that I felt like some of my content was resonating a lot with people who look nothing like me. I’m seeing all these white girls, I’m seeing a bunch of queer people, I’m seeing fraternity boys. I was like, ‘Wait, oh my goodness!’”

Developed by producers Carl Dixon (Casa Di) and Steve Terrell, the song has now been christened by gay rap sensation Saucy Santana in a new remix and music video. While Saucy and Angel exchange verses about margaritas, TikTok sensation Terri Joe aka Kelon Campbell waits tables for drunk guests, supermodel Cindy Crawford has one too many margaritas, Angel’s husband Marcus Tanksley gets to see all the shenanigans unfold. 

“The story of how this song blew up feels like an American fairytale. Maybe not a fairy tale for children, but you get my point,” said Jake Wilson, the music video’s director. “Angel is so easy to root for and I jumped at the chance to help take her to the next stage in her first music video. Santana’s new verse takes the song to another level. I mean, who doesn’t want “a big dick and a bankroll”? And then to have thee ultimate legend Cindy Crawford recreating perhaps the most iconic commercial of all-time? The cherry on top.”

Aside from her podcast with KevOnStage, Angel has appeared in Netflix’s Atypical and AJ & The Queen, Disney’s Sydney to The Max and Saturdays, CBS’ United States of Al and B Positive, and Max’s A Black Lady Sketch Show. And because hosting one podcast isn’t enough, she hosts three weekly podcasts, including Here’s The Thing, Is This Going To Cause An Argument, and The Bald and The Beautiful. Now she can add rapper to her lengthy resume.

Check out the music video for “One Margarita” and maybe have a drink while you’re at it. 

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