SOPHIE’s Debut EP to Be Reissued Following Huge Demand

Due to high demand, a vinyl repress of SOPHIE’s debut EP Nothing More To Say is coming out next year. The tracklist includes vocal and dub mixes of “Nothing More To Say” along with the song “EEEHHH,” and the proceeds will be donated to the Scottish Trans Alliance.

SOPHIE, a Scottish trans musician herself, tragically passed away earlier this year. Following this, the prices for rare copies of her debut EP skyrocketed. Record label Huntleys + Palmers decided to move forward with the repress to allow for more affordable copies to circulate, Resident Advisor reports.

In addition to being a musician, SOPHIE was an avid producer. She collaborated and toured with Charli XCX on her 2015 EP Vroom Vroom. Her credentials also include having worked with Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kim Petras, and Vince Staples.

After releasing several singles, including the critically lauded Lemonade/Hard, SOPHIE released her debut album OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES in 2018. She is credited with having aided the development of the hyperpop genre, and her work often wrestled thematically with digital age artificiality—“Faceshopping” being a notable example.

Following years of speculation in which SOPHIE avoided specific labels, she released a video for the song “It’s Okay to Cry” in 2017 which affirmed her trans identity. She later told Jezebel, speaking on how she used music to express herself, “The [trans] label’s got some issues surrounding it, I think. There are misconceptions about what that is and what that means. I don’t really know. Nobody really knows. But I try to talk about it through my music.”

In the aftermath of her untimely death, many artists and collaborators shared tributes, championing SOPHIE as a pioneer.

The reissue of SOPHIE’s Nothing More To Say is due to drop in early 2022.

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