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“That’s What I Want” Is Lil Nas X’s Hottest Video Yet

Y’all. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times already, but Lil Nas X’s debut album “Montero” just dropped and it’s THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. FULL STOP.

The whole tracklist is bops on bops (as the Internet agrees), but one song also got a music video today — well, kind of a music porno. The video for “That’s What I Want,” directed by STILLZ, is all I’ll be thinking about for the next year, probably.

As always, Nas chose an iconic setting. We open on a college football game — for Montero University, of course — where Nas crashes to the field from the sky. Naturally, he needs a med evac, but not before making eye contact with another player on the field.

Nas wearing his uniform for Montero's football team.
Nas wearing his uniform for Montero’s football team. Via Youtube.

That was already hot, but then shit gets downright scorching. Nas and the guy he was making eyes at start making out in the locker room, then fucking in the shower. Like, DAMN.

Nas making out in the locker room.
Nas pushing the boundaries of what’s allowed on YouTube. Via YouTube.

Also, peep the Durex sponsorship. C’mon safe sex!

Nas opening a condom.
Nas repping Durex. Via YouTube.

Next, we see the couple at a campfire sporting cowboy hats. It’s giving “Brokeback Mountain,” it’s giving “My Own Private Idaho,” it’s giving exactly what it needs to give.

Nas and his lover sitting at a campfire.
When do we get a “Brokeback Mountain” remake starring these two instead? Via YouTube.

And then there’s ANOTHER sex scene. Can we just appreciate the boundaries Nas is breaking here bringing mainstream visibility to queer Black love? He’s truly a legend in the making.

Here’s where things get sad. Nas goes to his lover’s house with a bouquet of roses, only to discover he has a secret family. Goddamn it. Can’t we have anything nice??

Pictures of Nas' lover's secret family.
Men really aren’t shit, huh? Via YouTube.

Nas drives home in a fit of tears, getting drunk and smashing bottles. He passes out, only to reappear in perhaps the video’s most iconic scene.

Nas drinking.
Me too, Nas, me too. Via YouTube.

We see Lil Nas X walking down the aisle of a chapel in the most fabulous wedding dress/suit hybrid you’ve ever seen. 

Nas walking down the aisle.
Yet another iconic fashion moment from Nas. Via YouTube.

At the climax of the song, Billy Porter (who, yeah, is in this video for like half a second) hands him a black electric guitar. Nas rocks out through the end of the song, mascara running and emotion palpable. It’s epic, it’s sad, it’s iconic. And, as the credits show, Lil Nas X is behind the story. What can’t this guy do??

Nas singing and crying.
Nas has some acting chops, huh? Somebody cast this man! Via YouTube.

None of that even touches on the song itself, which will be on repeat starting … now. Actually, I’m looping the whole album. If the Grammys do Nas dirty, it’s on sight, okay?

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