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The girls, gays, and theys are cringing at Katy Perry’s new video

We’ve discussed our distaste about 2010s pop diva Katy Perry’s recent cursed rebranding—and today we’re thrilled and saddened to report that yet another misstep has been made.

Not content to leave us cringing at her latest Dr. Luke-produced single—the doggy encouragement song/rejected Hilary Clinton campaign track “Woman’s World”—she’s following up with a teaser for the full music video, which is slated to drop tomorrow. Prepare your ACME-brand anvils.

Not only this kind of thing coming years too late (the last installment was Doja Cat’s Planet Her single “Woman,” an actual bop) it’s putting the good name of Rosie the Riveter to shame. In Rosie drag, we see Perry engaging in the least energetic choreo possible while her face is massaged by many gua sha rollers. The whole thing is a mess, and frankly we don’t understand why Rosie the Riveter had to be dragged into it.

We simply won’t stand for a sapphic icon’s reputation being besmirched so!

The gays aren’t thrilled about this rebranding—especially knowing that Perry is a Republican and that she’s working with Dr. Luke on this new album, a producer whose alleged history of abuse against Kesha and other women artists can’t be overlooked or ignored any longer.

Nobody wanted or needed this, but I guess it’s coming and we can’t stop it. Much like the November election.

Empowering? Not so much. Embarrassing? Yes.

It’s giving Americana (cringe) but not in the Lana Del Rey way.

We’re tired. So tired.

We’re beginning to feel like maybe it’s not actually a woman’s world after all…

Because let’s be real: if it truly was a woman’s world abortion would still be legal in every state.

The full video is coming out tomorrow…brace yourselves.

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