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Tinashe fans come to her defense after Chris Brown’s shady comments

Chris Brown had a lot to say about Tinashe’s latest interview and her fans aren’t having it. 

Last week, R&B pop star Tinashe went on the Zach Sang Show to chat about her latest project BB/ANG3L, her MoCap days on the set of The Polar Express (did you know that?), and how she traversed her label woes. Fans of the “Needs” singer know that her relationships with her previous label, RCA, was distraught, but they also know that once she left, Tinashe arguably started releasing her best work (real ones stream Songs for You). But her past time with RCA was marred with a few collaborations that she’d like to put behind her. 

During her interview, Tinashe talked about how her label basically forced her into working with R&B artists R. Kelly and Chris Brown (she’s featured on R. Kelly’s “Let’s Be Real Now” and Chris is featured on her song “Player”) when asked if she regretted working with either artist. The former is serving 31 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking, while the latter has a history of battery and sexual assault incidents. The “2 On” singer stated how prefers to “block out” working with R. Kelly and that it didn’t “compute” to her why her label wanted to put Chris on her track. 

The interview has made its rounds throughout the internet and Chris apparently saw a post about Tinashe’s comments. Well, the 34-year-old singer apparently had time to type out his thoughts about the interview and Tinashe. Under the post, Chris commented, “NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die…. EVERYBODY DEAD.” 

In another comment, Chris added, “She full of dat evil. Shawty career is nonexistent. What’s more embarrassing is that she worked with all these people, and not one of us could save her career.”

Chris isn’t known for holding his tongue, but Tinashe fans weren’t having it and took to social media to share Tinashe songs we should all know.

The taste level in music was elevated when Tinashe stepped onto the music scene and fans were quick to remind Brown and others about it. 

Others warned him not to throw stones in glass houses.

An interesting turn of events, one rapper, Joyner Lucas, came to Chris’ defense. 

In a recorded video, Lucas stated, “There will be no Chris Brown slander tolerated” and encouraged people to “cancel” him.  Well, Tinashe fans had a few simple responses to that. 

And while some folks may not be familiar with Tinashe’s discography, they are definitely familiar with Chris’ frayed legal history. 

What does Tinashe have to say about the situation?

Tinashe is entering her unbothered era and we love to see it. 

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