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Troye Sivan wants to be one of Ross Lynch’s girls in new clip

Troye Sivan is just one of the gays. He’s got a penchant for poppers, goes to see Janet Jackson in concert, and he also thirsts over Ross Lynch.

The “Got Me Started” singer shared a clip from his upcoming single and music video “One of Your Girls” (which drops tomorrow) and the internet is shaking. In the tantalizing preview, Sivan sings in black-and-white while appreciating the fine specimen that is Ross Lynch (of Austin and Ally and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fame, and perhaps better known for shirtless performances in his band The Driver Era).

The only scene from the clip in vibrant color appears to feature Sivan touching up his makeup in drag, complete with a blonde wig, tight white ensemble, and long gloves. One of your girls, indeed.

The track is a mesmerizing and vocoder-drenched slow jam with a tropical twist. “Give me a call if you ever get lonely / I’ll be like one of your girls or your homies,” Sivan croons in a snippet posted to TikTok. At the chorus’ close, he resolves, “Give me a call if you ever get desperate.” Can Troye take his foot off our necks for one second?!

His frequent collaborator and go-to producer Leland also hyped up the track, writing on X, “This is the one.” In an interview with Pop Crave, he added, “It’s just going to be everything. EVERYTHING. This week is going to be a wild one.”

Despite its instant-bop status, the track comes from a heavy place for the Aussie pop prince. “Shout out to the str8-ish boys who this song is about (you know who you are),” he wrote on TikTok.

He expounded on the complicated feelings in a recent interview with The Guardian, explaining “One of Your Girls” was inspired by “experiences that I had with guys who had not previously been with guys, and were showing me interest.”

While the track seems to make light of these rendezvouses –– “Look at you / Skip the application interview,” he knowingly whispers –– it seems Sivan has reevaluated the effect these secret hookups had on him.

“Sometimes those experiences had left me feeling great, sometimes they had left me feeling really sad,” he told The Guardian.

“It probably comes from childhood [feelings] of not feeling like enough, then seeing these guys that I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I want to be you or to be with you, but I’m completely ‘hearteyes’ for you’ … I’d be kind of selling myself short or allowing myself to be the secret. It’s a bit self-deprecating.”

That’s not to say his new album Something to Give Each Other (which also drops tomorrow) is all sad-boi vibes. As Sivan told The Guardian making the album was “liberating,” adding, “I’m just not as afraid as I was before.”

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