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Victoria Monét Thanks Motherhood for Her New Voice in R&B

“On My Mama,” Victoria Monét makes motherhood look and sound so good.

The 30-year-old sat down with Complex Magazine for an interview ahead of the highly anticipated release of her debut album, Jaguar II. The California-native’s title serves as a spiritual sequel to her EP Jaguar, which saved R&B in 2020. After penning hits for BLACKPINK (Ice Cream), Chloe X Halle (Do It), and her bestie Ariana Grande (literally half of her discography), she’s now focusing on her blend of soulful, slick R&B cuts. 

One thing about Victoria, is that she’s going to give you choreography, penmanship, and vocals. However, after having her first child, Hazel, she mentioned that her voice changed. 

“Having a child changes a lot about your body, but one thing that changed for me was my voice,” Victoria said. “Growing up, I was just very high-pitched, soft spoken. And having my daughter, I feel like I went through puberty because my voice is like a bit deeper and I guess more round, if I was to describe it.”

Honestly, if you close your eyes and watch this video, you can hear Ariana. 

Pregnancy changes the body in numerous ways for a lot of people (we say people because women aren’t the only ones who can give birth). Studies have actually shown that pregnancy can lower your voice two musical notes. However, the research also shows that vocal frequencies revert back after one year, indicating that the changes are temporary.

Fans have noticed other singers have had their voice change after pregnancy, including “Alien Superstar” Beyoncé. Many noticed a fuller, richer sound to Queen Bey’s vocals in her albums after having Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir. Compare Crazy in Love with Renaissance for best results. 

“Some songs I used to sing and now I’m like, ‘Can we lower the key?’ Like, I totally understand more about what the body does after giving birth and giving life to someone,” Victoria added. “So I’m just embracing it.”

And we’re glad that she is. Fans noticed that her vocals were deeper and richer in tone on her viral hit “On My Mama.” Still, that hasn’t stopped her silky vocals and even smoother dance moves from shining on-screen and on-stage. 

Victoria Monét, along with Keke Palmer and Kehlani, are representing for Black queer parents in R&B and we love to see it.  

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