Willow Smith Rocked Out at Coachella With Her Brother Jaden Smith, and Dad Will Smith Captured It All

There are plenty of parents who show up at their kids’ talent shows beaming with pride. The same goes for when your children perform at Coachella and Will Smith proved that. 

This past weekend at the largest music festival in North America, Willow Smith, rocked out during her set and brought out her brother, rapper Jaden Smith, as a special guest. Their actor and rapper dad was in the audience capturing it all, turning Coachella into a family affair for the Smiths.

Proud dad Will was as happy as could be documenting his children’s superstar performances. He took to Instagram to share his excitement and in one post renamed the music festival with the caption, “WILLOWCHELLA”.

The 22-year-old served plenty of rock star glam with a set that included “Transparent Soul”, her hit with Blink 182 alum Travis Barker, and her TikTok hit “Meet Me At Our Spot” with collaborator Tyler Cole. During her performance of the latter hit song, Will made sure to capture the moment on Instagram. He couldn’t contain his joy as he captioned the post of the video with “I can’t stop crying!”

Jaden joined Willow on stage to perform their song “Summertime in Paris”. Afterwards, the siblings gushed about each other.

“It brings tears to my eyes as your brother to see you do this. I love you so much,” said the 24-year-old rapper. “I’m so inspired by you, I’m so inspired and happy for what you’re doing in the world and the amount of people’s lives you’re changing with the music that you’re making.”

Willow followed her brother’s kind words by calling him her favorite person. Of course, Will was beaming in the crowd witnessing the moment between his kids. 

I think it’s safe to say that the Smith family radiates talent. Don’t believe us? Then check out this clip from the Willowchella set below.

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