Remembering Willow Smith’s Iconic Song “Whip My Hair”

· Updated on March 23, 2023

This is Willow Smith.

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This queer ethereal being is a rockstar, talk show host, and voice actress who comes from a super talented family. Maybe you’ve heard of the Smiths (Will, Jada, and Jaden, just to name a few of them). Also, Willow is an all around badass. I mean look at the material.

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Now that we have established that, do you remember Willow Smith’s first hit “Whip My Hair”?

Do you now visit the chiropractor frequently from whipping your hair too hard? Well, call up your chiropractor because a viral tweet just sent us back to 2010, when we all were whipping our hair back and forth. 

The Twitter account @DIORSVISION posted this clip of Willow’s debut music video with the caption “nepotism peaked here”. Now, nepotism aside, Willow is actually a talented artist. While she has the favor of her parents (Will and Jada), she also inherited all of their talent as well. So the tweet was all in fun.

We can say that we enjoyed being brought back to a time when this powerhouse preteen was getting everyone to just “shake ‘em off” and to not worry if our hair was long or short, but to simply whip it back and forth. 

Willow’s first single established her incredibly confident persona in music, scored her a worldwide hit, and made everyone from the schools to the club dance to this song. Now, at 21, Willow has multiple awards under belt, a talk show called the Red Table Talk with her mother and grandmother (Adrienne Banfield-Norris), and continues to make stellar music – just now on the rock side of things. 

You might remember this song that stayed on repeat on TikTok.

As well as this one too with artist Tyler Cole under their band name The Anxiety.

So when @DIORSVISION tweeted this video, the world was sent back 12 years and was loving it.

Sorry, I can’t talk. Currently on the phone with my chiropractor. You know why. 

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