‘American Dad’ Isn’t Afraid to Stand Up for Its Resident Drag Queen Roger

Right-wing Americans are busy attacking the art form of drag, but one patriotic, animated TV show is fighting back with a celebration of its own resident drag queen. 

While much of American Dad doesn’t necessarily scream queer, the show’s resident extraterrestrial Roger does. And not only is Roger obviously queer, he also is known to dress in an array of fabulously draggy outfits and in the show’s 350th episode, the show’s beloved alien is getting his flowers from some iconic drag queens. 

On Monday, long-running cartoon American Dad aired its 350th episode. To celebrate, television network TBS partnered with LGBTQ+ youth nonprofit The Trevor Project to honor Roger as a drag icon with a social media campaign called #AmericanDrag. And they created a special video with RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars winners Trixie Mattel and Trinity the Tuck to rollout the campaign.

In the video Trixie and Trinity cheekily discuss how Roger has donned drag numerous times throughout the run of the show. “As of the 350th episode of American Dad, Roger has been in drag too many times to count,” said Trixie.

The twosome also highlight Roger’s use of drag to get out of sticky situations has made him a drag icon. “She has glammed herself in and out of trouble, all while setting trends and stealing mens,” added Trinity.

They also introduced Roger’s newest persona, Gelatiné Lychée, whose name they jokingly stumble over. Ultimately, the two drag divas give Roger his flowers, as he’s a part of “Drag Herstory.” But that’s not all that they or TBS had to offer the beloved alien. 

With each quote tweet of the video from the American Dad Twitter account using #AmericanDrag, TBS will donate $1 to The Trevor Project, with $20,000 being the cap. 

As Trixie said, and the accompanying video shows, Roger has been in drag so many times. From Syntho Corp employee Lauren Vanderbooben in season 3 episode “Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie’s Gold“ to news reporter Genevieve Vavance in season 9 episode “News Glance With Genevieve Vavance”, Roger continues slays a new look for each half-baked scheme he has. It’s fabulous to see him be honored as a drag icon, but it’s even better to see a show like American Dad, which isn’t queer a series, acknowledge the importance of drag. 

This comes at a time where there are 474 anti-LGBTQ+ bills popping up across the country faster than Roger can change into his next outfit. While numerous musicians, like Maren Morris, Lizzo, and Hayley Kiyoko, have used their platforms to promote drag artists and call out anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, American Dad and TBS set a precedent for an animated show and a non-queer television network to support drag in this way. 

It’s also unprecedented when you consider how right-wing conservatives continue to paint drag performers as “groomers”. Many of the anti-LGBTQ+ bills are anti-drag bills preventing drag artists from performing in front of minors, like the now temporarily blocked bill from Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. So, for this show to uplift alien superstar Roger and drag culture, they’re siding with the LGBTQ+ community and recognizing that drag isn’t dangerous, but rather an influential part of culture. 

Check out more of Roger’s best personas on American Dad below.

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