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City Girls’ Yung Miami sues Saucy Santana

It’s not everyday that someone sues their best friend, but it’s also pretty uncommon for your bestie to steal your identity. 

Unfortunately, Caresha aka Yung Miami, ½ of the rap group City Girls, seems to be taking fellow rapper Saucy Santana, or “Caresha Junior” as she called him, to court for “stealing her identity.”

“Everybody on the internet keep saying we look alike,” Caresha proclaims.

“You keep copying me,” Saucy responds to Caresha’s claims. “Hush, before you go to jail.”

Fans will probably agree that the two rappers wouldn’t be mistaken for each other, but don’t worry, this issue of the court is actually all fun and games (and promo) for BET’s new show Ms. Pat Settle It

Hosted by comedian Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams, Ms. Pat Settle It brings together a jury of her besties, family members, and hilarious guest stars to handle real cases where actual relationships and cash settlements depend on Ms. Pat’s ruling. While she may not have a legal degree, Ms. Pat and guest stars like playwright Jordan E. Cooper, singer Ray J, and Jasmine Luv will use comedic, yet candid judgments to help out each litigant. 

Fans are ready for Ms. Pat’s new show.

And after seeing this promo, a few fans think that Caresha and Saucy need a show together. 

Caresha already has a show called Caresha Please (one where she discussed her sexual interest in rapper and bestie Megan Thee Stallion), so why not let her do one with her other bestie, Saucy? Well, until that day comes, we’ll tune into Ms. Pat Settle It

Ms. Pat Settle It premieres on BET on October 18. 

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